Invitación: Conferencia internacional de la Universidad Nacional de CHONNAM

Los invitamos a la Conferencia Internacional 2021 organizada por el CENTRO DE ESTUDIOS DE LA DIÁSPORA GLOBAL de la Universidad Nacional de CHONNAM de la República de Corea. La conferencia se desarrollara vía Zoom el día 29 de enero de 2021 y contara con la participación la Dra. Celeste Castiglione, Vicepresidenta de la AAEC.

2021 International Conference


◦ Date : 2021. January 29, 9:00~18:00

◦ Place : Online (ZooM)

◦ Host: The BK21 Center for International Migration and Diaspora Innovative Talents

Center for Global Diaspora Studies of Chonnam National University

  • Panel (09:30-12:00): Emerging Researchers in Migration and Diaspora

◦ Chairperson: Choi, Seung-hyun (Chonnam National University)

◦ Presenters/Authors:

Ines Miranda de Dios (Chonnam National University) “A Case Study on Diverse of Marriage Migrant Women in Korea”

Zhang Ying (Chonnam National University) “An Analysis on the Determinants of Han Chinese Entrepreneurship in South Korea: A case study on the self-employed entrepreneurs I n Gwangju”

Seo, Bo-young; Park, Hyun-chae (Chonnam National University) “The Factors to Affect Career Path of Uzbekistan Girl Students who are studying in Korean Graduate School”

◦ Discussants

Lee Min-soo(Temple University, USA)

Jin Huilian(Hansung University)

  • Panel (09:30-12:00): Dwelling with Covid-19 through Diasporic Imaginations

◦ Chairperson: Choi, Eun-jung(Chonnam National University)

◦ Presenters/Authors:

Park, Christian Joon (Hanyang University) “Migrant Health in the Age of Global Health Crisis: Entanglement between Diaspora and Transnationality”

Celeste Castiglione (CONICET, Argentina) “Migrant associations and their adaptation to the pandemic: the case of Korean and Basque communities in Argentina”

Elisabeth Dewi (Parahyangan Catholic University, Indonesia) “Engaging Diasporas as Development Partners for Indonesia: Recommendations for Policymakers”

Saifur Rashid (University of Dhaka, Bangladesh) “Covid-19, Deep Crisis and High Remittance: the Case of Bangladeshi Migrants in Overseas”

◦ Discussants

Chae, Duck-hee (Chonnam National University)

Lim, Su-jin (Daegu Catholic University)

Choi, Kyunghee (Seoul National University)

Kim, Kyoung-hak (Chonnam National University)

  • Opening (13:00~13:30)

◦Opening Speech : Kim, Kyung-hak(Chonnam National Unviersity)

  • Panel (13:30-15:30): Digital Diasporas

◦ Chairperson: Shin, Julia Jiwon(Chonnam National University)

◦ Presenters/Authors:

Gang, Sung-un(University of Bonn, Germany) “COVID-19 and Challenges of the Asian Communities: A Case Study on the Online Activism on the German-Speaking Internet”

German Kim(Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan) “Pandemia as a Catalyst of Consolidation of Online Media and Social Networks of the Korean Diasporas in the CIS”

Putu Agung Nara Indra Prima Satya (Parahyangan Catholic University, Indonesia), “The Escalation of Hostility towards Chinese Foreign Workers in Indonesia during COVID-19 Outbreak”

  • Discussants

Noh, Go-woon(Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)

Kim, Sang-cheol (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)

Madhu Sudh Antteraya (Department of Social Welfare, Keimyung University)

  • Panel (13:00-15:30): Diaspora, Citizenship and the Pandemic

◦ Chairperson: Kuk, Min-ho(Chonnam National University)

◦ Presenters/Authors:

Bae, Jin-suk(Konkuk University), “Maximizing Mobility: Korean Ex-Miners’ Re-migration to Canada and Their Contributions to the Korean Canadian Community”

Cho, Young-gwan(Miracle Friends), “Discrimination and Exclusion of Migrants in the Covid-19 Pandemic”

Md Golam Rabbani(Chonnam National University), “A Study of Discrimination and Exclusion faced by Foreign Residents of South Korea during the Covid-19 outbreak”

◦ Discussants

Jang, Yoon-soo(Chonnam National University)

Chon, Jinhee(Chonnam National University)

Joo, Chung-min(Chonnam National University)

  • Panel (16:00-18:00): Diasporic Imaginations and Creative Engagements in times of Crisis- Film, Art Exhibition, Interactive Installation, Experimental Game, and Drawing

◦ Chairperson: Lee, Ki-jung (Chonnam National University)

◦ Presenters/Authors:

Alexandra D’Onofrio(University of Manchester, UK), “It was Tomorrow”(Film)

Ahmad Moradi (Ecole des hautes études en Sciences Sociales, France), “Illegal Odipus/ X-ist (Art exhibition, interactive installation and experimental game)”

Letizia Bonnao (Kent University, UK)

◦ Discussants

Moon, Sung-kyung (Jeonju International Film Festival)

Jeong, Jong-min (Chonnam National University)

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